Go for Allie…

Welcome to my website. For a long time I’ve been trying to build a place to share everything I am working on. I guess I did it. So let me show you what my career is all about.

Location, not Vacation

Audio is my life.

Although this work is tough, demanding and can be frustrating. It is the job that I love and that is why I see myself as a privileged person, calling my day-to-day work my passion.

Here I share some memories of my office days.

Work hard, have fun.

Sharing my journey and knowledge is something that I love to do. That’s why whenever I can, I share a little something on this website, or when asked to be on a podcast, there’s no way I won’t try to make it happen. Blogs, podcasts and stuff, can be found on my “Press” section

I am a geek at heart, and curious by nature.

Along my audio mixing career, I’ve been developing these practique jewelry for film and television. Necklaces and more to hide the microphones on set.